Russian/Kuzan Series

The Russian/Kuzan Family series follows three generations of Russian Royalty. Each book can be read as a standalone story but the characters are tied together. Learn more on Goodreads.

Seized by Love CoverAt Your Mercy Cover Seized by Love/At Your Mercy

Alisa Forseus is a virtuous but unsatisfied beauty, married to a man she doesn’t love.
Prince Nikolai Kuzan, an established playboy of the aristocracy with a reputation that precedes him, has never once let a female conquest slip through his fingers.
When the two come face-to-face, Alisa can’t deny the immediate attraction. The feeling is mutual, and Prince Nikolai decides that Alisa will be his last and greatest conquest.
But when Nikolai wins the game and takes the prize, he’s surprised to discover that he’s won more than he bargained for. Bewitched by the lovely Alisa, Nikolai feels the stirrings of a passion in his heart. Suddenly the tables are turned, and Nikolai must fight to win Alisa’s hand away from her husband if he is to possess the only woman he has ever truly loved.

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Love Storm CoverA Storm of Desire Cover Love Storm/A Storm of Desire

Prince Alexander Kuzan of Russia can’t believe his luck when he stumbles upon gorgeous redhead Zena Turku, in flight from an unwanted suitor. The prince offers to secretly transport her to her native home in the Caucasus Mountains and Zena hastily agrees. What she doesn’t know is that Prince Alexander has casually assumed she’s just another harlot – the perfect distraction for the weary journey ahead. As he sets about trying to conquer her body, Alexander begins to realize his mistake. As their understanding deepens, Alexander’s feelings for Zena take an unexpected, and even sinister, turn.

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Sweet Love Survive CoverSurrender to You Cover Sweet Love Survive/Surrender to You

An illicit affair ignites just as a nation threatens to fall apart.

Beneath her demure exterior, Kitty Radacheck harbours a fierce sensuality, untapped by a powerful husband she can never love. When an exuberant midnight romp leads to a stolen kiss from the mischievous young cavalry captain, Apollo Kuzan, Kitty finds herself victim to a passion so devastating she can’t keep herself away from his body, or out of his bed.

Apollo, in turn, knows that Kitty is off-limits, but he too finds himself unable to resist her charms. As the two come together for night after night of savage passion, their reckless liaison could cost them more than just Kitty’s marriage – it could change the whole fate of the country Apollo is fighting to save.

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Golden Paradise Cover Golden Paradise/(US ONLY)

The Countess Lisaveta Lazaroff was not afraid of the whispers of polite society. She had willingly surrendered her innocence to the sensual assault of the czar’s most notorious general, the darkly handsome Prince Stefan Bariatinsky. Yet the lovely Lisaveta vowed she would never surrender to Stefan’s demands to be her lord and master. For although the prince was as undefeated in the game of love as he was on the battlefield, Lisaveta was a woman determined to beat him at his own game and capture the heart of Russia’s most unobtainable man–forever.