Darley Series

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The Darley series introduces us to three generations of the Marquis of Darley. Each can be read alone but they complement one another. Learn more on Goodreads.

When You Love Someone When You Love Someone/(US ONLY)

The time is 1788. Elspeth, Lady Grafton, a vicar’s daughter, is caught in a purgatory of a marriage to an older man, commonly referred to as Old Hellfire. Her marriage was prompted only by the need to provide her brother with a commission in the army.

Some men are not for marrying. They have no interest in being dutiful, respectable husbands. What they offer is a sensual paradise to any woman who dares take it. And Julius D’Abernon, Marquis of Darley, is the master of the game.

At first, her virtue and virginity present Darley with the ultimate challenge: to seduce the unseduceable. But then he becomes the one seduced.

When Someone Loves You CoverWhen Someone Loves You CoverWhen Someone Loves You

Annabelle Foster has a reputation that precedes her: beautiful, witty and thoroughly disreputable. But behind the polished fa├žade lies a woman who is afraid of heartbreak and determined to never let herself fall in love again. So when the handsome but reclusive ‘Duff’ D’Abernon, Marquis of Darley, makes a play for Anabelle’s attentions, Anabelle offers him friendship, and nothing more. But as the two grow closer, Anabelle’s resolution may be put to test by her own growing love and desire for the Marquis.

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At Her Service CoverAt Her Command CoverAt Her Service/At Her Command

Nothing can distract the enigmatic Hugh D’Abernon, Marquis of Darley, from his mission to reconnoiter the city of Sevastopol. That is, until he lays eyes on Aurore Clement.

Aurore knows it’s her responsibility to work for French command and nurse her wounded soldier brother, but a chance meeting with the dashing Marquis ignites in her a passion that drives all thoughts of duty from her mind.

As war continues to rage around them, Hugh and Aurore are swept up by a love that burns hotter than the conflict that threatens their very lives.

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