Hot Pink/Illicit Embrace

Hot Pink Cover Illicit Embrace Cover

When Chloe Chisolm first lays eyes on the charming Rocco Vinelli it’s like all her dreams have come true. He’s rich, handsome, polite and . . . engaged.

But it seems Rocco feels something for Chloe too, and a steamy session in a shared lift has Chloe questioning her lovers’ intuition. She’s sure Rocco is right for her and wrong for his fiancĂ©e, and while she won’t be an accessory to cheating, she won’t be able to resist him for much longer. When Rocco makes a surprising admission, passions come to a head and Chloe must choose between prudence and desire.

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    1. The publisher still holds the rights in the US/Canada market and has not released it as an ebook. Sorry!

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