St. John-Duras Series

The St. John-Duras series follows two families all across Europe from 1787-1851. Each book can be read as a standalone novel, however there are references to characters in the other books. Learn more on Goodreads.

Sinful CoverSinful Dreams CoverSinful/Sinful Dreams

Sinjin St. John, Duke of Seth, charming rogue and bedder of beautiful women, was sure nothing could surprise him. That is until he stepped into his carriage one evening and found it already occupied with the most delectable visitor imaginable.

Chelsea Fergusson is a proper young lady with an indecent plan to get out of an unwanted marriage, and she needs an immoral rogue to help her do it. Sinjin looks like he might be the perfect man for the job, but will Chelsea’s beauty and spirit leave him wanting something more for the very first time?

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Wicked CoverWicked Fascination Cover Wicked/Wicked Fascination

Beau St. Jules is known foremost for his powerful ability to get any woman into bed, and second as Britain’s most valued gatherer of military intelligence. During a dangerous sail to seek vital war information, Beau encounters a most surprising creature in the hold of his yacht – a golden-haired runaway with a deliciously supple figure.

Serena Blythe is forced to sneak aboard the Sirena after her plan to escape life as a domestic servant goes horribly wrong. Will she be left at the mercy of her handsome ‘captor’s’ enormous sexual appetite, or will it be Beau St. Jules who is in for the surprise?

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Taboo CoverThe Sweetest Taboo Cover Taboo/The Sweetest Taboo

Andre Duras is France’s most celebrated military General.

Countess Teo Korsakova is the luscious wife of his greatest enemy.

When Teo unexpectedly falls into his possession as a prisoner of war, General Andre knows he cannot afford to be distracted from the campaign at hand. But the General finds it difficult to take take his eyes off her, or his mind from thoughts of what he’d like to do her if he had his way. As the war rages, the conflict moves from the battleground to the bedroom, and Andre concentrates on conquering the succulent Countess on his own terms.

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A Touch of Sin CoverTouch of Sin CoverA Touch of Sin/Touch of Sin

Trixie Grosvenor has landed herself in the most embarrassing of situations: locked in a Parisian apartment with only a dead man for company, and she didn’t even kill him!

When renowned libertine Pasha Duras finds Trixie he certainly doesn’t believe she’s an innocent bystander, but that hardly matters when she looks so deliciously delectable. He agrees to accompany her back to her homeland for a chance to get to know her just a little more intimately. But what they find upon their arrival proves that Trixie is indeed the victim of a ghastly set-up and may test Pasha’s growing love for the beauty in ways he could never have expected.

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Legendary Lover CoverVenus Laid Bare CoverLegendary Lover/Venus Laid Bare

How many young ladies have the will and inclination to resist the advances of the infamous Marquis of Redvers?

Only one, it seems! Venus Duras may be the only beauty left in London that hasn’t succumbed to Jack Fitz-James’ legendary prowess. In fact, she’s turned him down directly, something that quickly became the talk of the town. Jack won’t be giving up so easily though, he’s determined to make Venus his greatest conquest. But as Venus continues to tease him and tantalize him, without ever giving in, it seems that the Marquis may have finally met his match!

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