Set against the backdrop of Scottish struggle for independence from British rule the Carre series follows two brothers. The books can be read as standalone novels, but go well together! Learn more on Goodreads.

Outlaw CoverSecrets and Sins Cover Outlaw/Secrets and Sins

When Johnnie Carre, Laird of Ravensby, abducts Elizabeth, his only thought is to help his brother in prison. But Elizabeth’s beauty and wit prove to be a temptation he hasn’t planned for. Keeping Elizabeth with him will only antagonize his foes, but letting her go would mean forfeiting his hard-won prize… and after all his hostage doesn’t seem so unwilling…

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To Please a Lady CoverTo Please a Lady UK CoverTo Please a Lady

Roxanne Forrestor, Scottish beauty and Countess of Kilmarnock, gets the surprise of her life when she finds a dashing rebel secreted away in her bedroom. She knows that hiding him is risky, but for some reason she can’t bring herself to throw him out just yet . . .

As things get more desperate politically, Roxanne and rebel Robbie play their own game of passionate seduction. Will their passion protect them through the coming tribulations, or are Robbie’s enemies powerful enough to tear them apart forever?

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