Braddock-Black Collection

Strictly speaking, the Braddock-Black books are all standalone titles. However, they follow various characters in the family across generations. You can expect cameo appearances from previous and future characters throughout the novels. Learn more on Goodreads.

Blaze CoverBurning Touch CoverBlaze/Burning Touch – 1865

Boston-born Blaze Braddock has always managed to charm her way into, and out of, anything. When her father lays claim to a piece of land already owned by Absarokee Indian Jon Hazard Black, Blaze assures him she’s just the woman to convince the man to sell. But it seems like Blaze might have met her match in Jon, whose confident gaze unseats the spoiled beauty for the first time in her life. Will Blaze’s persuasive sensuality convince Jon to sell up, or will the heiress be won by feelings for a man she never could have thought herself capable of desiring?

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forceofnaturecowboycover-copyForce of Nature – 1888

Raised in Florence, Jo Attenborough (the daughter Jon Hazard never knew he had!) is much more like her father than her frivolous mother. The arrival of his illegitimate daughter and former paramour throws life in the Hazard household into a whirlwind of confusion. Free-spirited and worldly, Jo Attenborough’s  modern notions of a woman’s role frequently land her in hot water.

Reclusive cattle baron Flynn Ito has the heart of a warrior – and a reputation as a dangerous man. The son of a samurai and an Irish mother, Flynn has carved out a cattle empire. He has a reputation for getting what he wants and protecting what’s his — and he wants Jo.


Silver Flame CoverA Seductive Flame CoverSilver Flame/A Seductive Flame – 1889

Forced to sell her body to the highest bidder, Empress Jordan can’t help but hope she’s bought by the handsome stranger in the back of the room…

When the dashing half-native rogue Trey Braddock-Black learns of Empress’ scandalous proposal – three weeks of interminable pleasure to the highest bidder – he knows he must possess her first. But when he collects his hard-won prize, Empress’ wide-eyed charm and unaffected sweetness conquer him completely. Will three weeks be enough for Trey, or is this just the beginning of a battle to claim Empress as his own forevermore?

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forbidden-coverForbidden Pleasure CoverForbidden/Forbidden Pleasure – 1891

Etienne Martel is the most celebrated lover in Paris, but from the moment he sees Montana-born beauty Daisy Black, he has eyes for no other.
Daisy, a born wit and dedicated women’s rights activist, can’t help but notice the handsome Etienne.
The desire is mutual, but one great obstacle stands in the lovers’ way. Etienne is already married, and his wife won’t relinquish her man so easily…

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Brazen CoverRapture CoverBrazen/Rapture – 1896

When American adventurer Kit Braddock first lays eyes on Countess Angela de Grae, notorious society beauty and lover to the Prince of Wales, he feels there’s something different about her. Beneath her sparkling exterior, Countess Angela is secretly distraught. As the two become more intimate, Kit learns of Angela’s impossible situation and secret heartache, and finds himself drawn ever more forcefully towards her. When one night of reckless pleasure between the two turns the tables completely, Kit may be forced to pledge his very life for the woman he has come to adore.

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  1. I have read “Blaze” and “Silver Flame” I would love to read “BRAZEN” “Forbidden” and “Force Of Nature!!!!”

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed them! I’ve recently discovered I have the digital rights to Forbidden and will be releasing it in ebook format soon.

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